Larry Bans

I have had the pleasure of sharing patients with Healthcare Solutions Centers, LLC for many years now. I am a urologist who specializes in prostate care and have seen many patients referred for prostate issues through the years. I have been impressed with the quality of evaluations rendered by Healthcare Solutions in regards to screening patients prior to my seeing them as a specialist consultant. The patients arrive with detailed accurate records and pertinent laboratory data. I have also been impressed through the years with the very competent workups that I have seen prior to referring to me as a specialist. As a physician who sees many referred patients from other physicians and offices, I must say that the care and attention to detail that I have seen consistently from Healthcare Solutions is very refreshing and helpful for me as a subspecialist. I have also been quite impressed with the personal touch rendered by many of the providers in regards to calling patients and educating them on their healthcare needs. Overall it has been a very pleasant experience working with the team at Healthcare Solutions and I feel very fortunate to be part of their team in regards to prostate care. I think they are doing an exceptionally fine job at what they do and look forward to many years of continued collaboration.