On Site Health Care Clinics | Employee Health Clinics

Our Model

Healthcare Solutions Centers Overview

 The Healthcare Solutions Centers, LLC (HCS) is comprised of an experienced team of practitioners that have been selected to deliver the greatest quality of care by implementing the highest standards at a convenient, affordable price via workplace clinics. Each on-site healthcare clinic is individually tailored to your company’s needs and staffed by a certified Family Nurse Practitioner who will be your company healthcare advocate. Each team member is dedicated to delivering the greatest quality of care and knowledge of health and healthcare as possible.

Healthcare for all employees

Our goal is to make healthcare accessible to all employees while improving on health by implementing wellness and preventative care on your company’s worksite.  We are dedicated to assist all patients, regardless of their current health status, in reaching optimal health and happiness, while striving to prevent catastrophic chronic diseases. We will work to improve healthcare outcomes by allowing employees to be accountable for their health through education of treatments and staying healthy.

The top 10 reasons your company should have an HCS on-site healthcare clinic and start saving:

  1. Measurable cost savings that is customized to your company’s needs.
  2. Free to visit, with no co-pay or deductible, and no claims generated.
  3. Employees are kept healthy through diagnosis & treatment of many different chronic health conditions including asthma and diabetes.
  4. Increase in employee health, morale and productivity.
  5. Decrease in workers absenteeism.
  1. Clinic health visits and patient information is strictly confidential and voluntary. All services are 100% HIPAA compliant.
  2. On-site FNP’s administer prescriptions, lab and radiology orders and dispense vaccinations and certain types of medicines.
  3. Specialist referrals are quick and easy.
  4. Clinics save employees time, money and gas.
  5. Smoking cessation & weight loss plans to ensure success with your goals.

Some things we offer

  • Wellness, preventative, urgent care & disease management on-site
  • Personalized, confidential & high-quality care
  • Affordable & convenient care at the workplace
  • Team of board certified nurse practitioners, licensed nurses and wellness coaches
  • Biometric screening & labs completed on-site
  • Measurable cost-savings strategies built into the delivery model
  • Coronavirus work safety programs
  • Worker’s comp, drug screening
  • Ergonomics