On Site Health Care Clinics | Employee Health Clinics

On-Site, Near-Site & Shared Clinics

Healthcare Solutions has a dedicated team of Family Nurse Practitioners that are committed to providing

personalized patient care. Some examples of how we can help your company are listed below.

  1. Handle on-site clinic 1-5 days per week (to be determined by client)
  2. Physical exams and pre-employment physicals
  3. First Aid, evaluation and triaging of injuries
  4. Treat acute infections, ears, tonsils, and flu
  5. Diagnosis and treatment of chronic health conditions, asthma, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, and depression
  1. Prescribe and manage medications
  2. Smoking cessation plans and weight loss programs
  3. Collaborate with our medical specialists and refer as necessary
  4. Risk management review of all labs, radiology and medications
  5. Medical record review and risk management of noncompliant patients

Our on-site, near-site and shared healthcare clinics provide

comprehensive healthcare that includes wellness,

preventative care, urgent care, disease management, and


On-Site: A clinic located on your company site
Near-Site: A clinic located near your company site
Shared Clinics: A clinic located near your company that you share with another company