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Joan F. Bailey

I have had the pleasure of a professional association with Healthcare Solutions for the last 3-4 years. They are a group of nurse practitioners that provide exceptional care to their patients. They are very dedicated to quality healthcare to their clientele and are quite thorough in their evaluation and appropriateness of referrals to my endocrine patients. I believe the structure of their company is a unique approach in the workplace, to keep employees healthy and at work, and provide a service that would otherwise not be available to them. They often make new diagnoses and are certainly open to referral when that diagnosis warrants such. I would highly recommend working with Healthcare Solutions in that I intend to continue my professional association with them in the future.

Joan F. Bailey

Larry Bans

I have had the pleasure of sharing patients with Healthcare Solutions Centers, LLC for many years now. I am a urologist who specializes in prostate care and have seen many patients referred for prostate issues through the years. I have been impressed with the quality of evaluations rendered by Healthcare Solutions in regards to screening patients prior to my seeing them as a specialist consultant. The patients arrive with detailed accurate records and pertinent laboratory data. I have also been impressed through the years with the very competent workups that I have seen prior to referring to me as a specialist. As a physician who sees many referred patients from other physicians and offices, I must say that the care and attention to detail that I have seen consistently from Healthcare Solutions is very refreshing and helpful for me as a subspecialist. I have also been quite impressed with the personal touch rendered by many of the providers in regards to calling patients and educating them on their healthcare needs. Overall it has been a very pleasant experience working with the team at Healthcare Solutions and I feel very fortunate to be part of their team in regards to prostate care. I think they are doing an exceptionally fine job at what they do and look forward to many years of continued collaboration.

Larry Bans, M.D.
Prostate Solutions of Arizona

Peter C. Maki

It is my pleasure to write a letter in support of the excellent healthcare delivery model that is Healthcare Solutions. I have provided cardiology consultation to their patients for many years, and have been exceedingly impressed with the quality of care delivered by this dedicated group of professionals. They function in many ways at the level of primary care physicians, taking a very aggressive preventive approach with respect to cardiovascular disease and doing a superb job of educating the patient, an important part of the treatment program. At a time when accessibility to healthcare is challenging, especially in light of the difficulties for many in taking time off from work, the value of having an onsite provider is immeasurable. Having seen the value of this service both from an employee and management point of view, I enthusiastically endorse Healthcare Solutions as a way of keeping your employees well and productive. If I can provide any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Peter C. Maki, MD, FACC
Biltmore Cardiology

Michael R. Mills

It is with great pleasure that I write this supportive letter of recommendation for Frances Ducar and Healthcare Solutions Centers, LLC, a creative company impacting the healthcare marketplace and the health and wellness of our community. Serving as the current President of the Maricopa County Medical Society, and immediate past President of the Arizona Foundation for Medical Care, I am keenly aware of the critical need for innovative improvements in our current system to directly address costs and access to care. Healthcare Solutions Centers was created by Frances Ducar, a well-known and respected healthcare provider with vast clinical experience, to positively address these deficiencies in the marketplace. As a Board-certified Gastroenterologist, I have been in clinical practice for over 15 years, taking care of patients with gastrointestinal and liver concerns, as well as prevention of colon cancer. In an effort to meet the needs of patients and the market, we have a state-licensed, Medicare-certified, AAAHC-accredited ambulatory surgery center (ASC) on-site where we provide timely preventative and therapeutic procedures in a cost effective manner. We have joined together with others to form the third largest GI practice in the country, and are entirely paperless. Interfacing with hundreds of other providers in the Valley, I am not only impressed by the organizational infrastructure and business model with coordination of care at on-site clinics, taking care of problems in a timely fashion (often on the same day), but what truly stands out is the high quality of care documented in thorough electronic medical records that arrive before the patient’s appointment. My perception is uniformly validated by the patient’s confidence in their HCS provider, and the care that they are coordinating.

Michael R. Mills, MD, MPH, FASGE, FACG, AGAF
Digestive Health Center of Arizona

SimonMed Imaging

SimonMed Imaging, the largest outpatient radiology physician practice in the United States, is proud to work directly with Healthcare Solutions Center (HCS). Together, both SimonMed and HCS, offer the highest quality and most affordable care available to patients. SimonMed and HCS work together to coordinate care for patients, which along with the largest network of board-certified, sub-specialty trained Radiologists in the state helps to drastically reduce any unwanted and costly duplicated diagnostic tests. With the most 3T MRI, 3T Wide-bore MRI, the only 1.2 T Open MRI and four #D breast tomosynthesis scanners, SimonMed offers the most advances and specialized diagnostic imaging technology available in Arizona. SimonMed is a comprehensive, multi-modality provider with services ranging from Neuroimaging and Orthopedic imaging to mammography and biopsy services to pediatrics and oncology. In coordination with HCS, SimonMed ensures that patients are seen in a timely fashion, often on the same day, and that patients are compliant with their care and continue to receive the proper treatment at an on-site clinic. HCS patients have access to all of this cutting-edge technology and leading patient focused care at an often heavily discounted cash pay price because of the relationship between SimonMed and HCS. SimonMed Imaging is excited about its relationship with HCS and looks forward to continuing that partnership and offering the highest quality care and the most affordable price to HCS patients.

SimonMed Imaging