On Site Health Care Clinics | Employee Health Clinics

Primary Care

At Healthcare Solutions Centers, we bring a holistic approach to primary care.

Our providers build trust and develop relationships with your employees, so we can better understand the roots of their health problems and concerns. The relationship is built through longer, more frequent and personal encounters that emphasize on wellness, prevention, education and disease management. Our practitioners work with your employees to empower them to take charge of their health and become healthy and productive employees.

HCS’ goal is to provide your company with a Nurse Practitioner that will be compatible with your company’s culture and and personality. Our nurse will strive to become your employees’ healthcare advocate and will collaborate with other providers in the community to achieve the optimal health and productivity levels.

Each on-site healthcare clinic is individually tailored to your company’s needs and staffed by our certified Family Nurse Practitioners that will be your company healthcare advocate.

Some but not all of what we provide:

  1. Acute and episodic care
  2. Annual preventive health exams
  3. Lab work
  4. Immunizations
  5. Health and wellness coaching
  6. Prescription management
  7. Clinical advocacy
  8. Allergy management
  9. Radiology
  10. Physicals
  11. Specialist and referral management
  12. Various types of COVID-19 testing