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Disease Management

Disease Management

Stop Chronic Conditions Before They Occur

Disease management is the concept that integrated care can reduce the associated cost of chronic diseases along with the decreased quality and duration of life, at the same time as minimizing or preventing the presence of an illness. In this program we will be using the collaborative approach to disease management. We use a team of multidisciplinary providers to help educate and treat participants.

Workplace Health-Related Costs

The average annual employer expense per employee is $10,000. With our workplace wellness programs, we encourage employees to increase heir knowledge of health and change their unhealthy behaviors.

When employees are chronically ill, employers end up paying for more than just their healthcare costs, the employers also absorb the cost of their productivity losses. These health-related indirect costs include increased absenteeism and decreased presenteeism.

Comprehensive disease management programs can:

  1. Improve safety and quality of care
  2. Improve access to care
  3. Improve on patient self-management
  4. Improve financial cost without decreasing quality or patient satisfaction
  5. Enhance efforts to provide health improvement programs on a population basis

Our goal is to reduce the amount of preventable chronic diseases and to improve the overall health, happiness, and overall quality of life for the employees.

We base this program around positivity and encouragement. This means that rather than scaring employees into health and forcing health upon participants, the health and wellness coach will work with each participant individually and develop a plan to improve their health in a safe and encouraging way.

Some common diseases we focus on are:

  1. Hypertension

  2. Prediabetes and Diabetes

  3. Hyperlipidemia

  4. Elevated BMI and Obesity