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Testimonials | On Site Health Care Clinics | Employee Health Clinics

On Site Health Care Clinics | Employee Health Clinics


Marie Sousa

As a commitment to out Team Members’ health and wellness, in March 2014 Leslie’s Poolmart, Inc. partnered with Healthcare Solutions Center LLC to open our first on-site Health and Wellness clinic at our corporate office. Over a very short period of time, our team has taken full advantage of the on-site preventative care services as well as treatment of illness or minor injuries at no cost to them. Leslie’s Team Members appreciate this service tremendously as it saves them time and money. Scheduling an appointment to see our on-site Nurse Practitioner is very east and is accomplished via an online appointment platform or simply by calling Healthcare Solutions Center’s main office. Our on-site Nurse Practitioner, Kristi Chase, has been a pleasure to work with and is trusted and respected by our team. She has established a great patient-provider relationship with our team members. With her medical knowledge and professional approach, she coaches Team Members on medical issues while encouraging them to take charge of their health. Together with Frances Ducar and her staff at Healthcare Solutions Center LLC, we have implemented additional benefits outside of the typical health and wellness services rendered at the clinic. We are offering preventive care events such as biometric screening reviews and monthly blood draws to support our Team Members in their efforts to maintain or improve their health. Providing access to professional medical and preventative services that are convenient, confidential and timely, coupled with healthcare cost savings, has proven invaluable to out Team Members and plays an integral role in our efforts to promote a culture of wellness. Thus, we highly recommend Healthcare Solutions Center LLC as a great partner for onsite health and wellness services.

Marie Sousa
Vice President of Human Resources

Joe Mardeusz

As an employer, I have had the pleasure of working with Healthcare Solutions (HCS) for the past 11 years. We opened up our onsite wellness center with HCS in January 2010 and it has been a very successful endeavor. We have extremely high employee participation which resulted in CopperPoint Mutual Insurance Company expanding the hours of the wellness center in order to meet demand. Employees and family members have found the services to and care provided by the nurse practitioners to be excellent. There have been many success stories that employees and dependents have shared regarding how the nurse practitioners have made an impact on their health. The wellness center has been an extremely positive benefit for employees and dependents and allowed for them to manage their health conditions in a positive way.

Joe Mardeusz Sr.
Benefit Analyst

Hal, Jim and Dodge Earnhardt

Earnhardt Auto Centers has offered its employees onsite healthcare through Healthcare Solutions since October 2007. The decision to offer this benefit to our employees has proven to be one of the wisest business decisions we have ever made. We are particularly impressed with the convenience this offers to our employees. Healthcare Solutions offers same-day appointments, quick diagnoses, no co-pay, and medication on site. Our employees are able to get timely and inexpensive medical treatment and this has not only increased morale, but also productivity. Healthcare Solutions is a very cost-effective healthcare program for companies like ours and we highly recommend their services. You’ll see a great cost savings and…That ain’t no bull!

Hal, Jim and Dodge Earnhardt

Andrew E. Davault, Jr.

Chapman Automotive Group has been contracted with HCS… and the relationship has exceeded all expectations. The relationship has exceeded all expectations. The results are as follows: WIN – a healthier and happier work force. HCS provides a service and benefit to our members that is not only appreciated but is highly valued by ALL. WIN – effective control of healthcare insurance premiums. Through early intervention and ease of access, our claims per employee have dramatically decreased over the last three years resulting in controlled health care premiums. WIN – more productive team members. With immediate relief available for common illnesses like colds and flu, members no longer have to wait to see their doctor. They get in and get help and back to work sooner, saving the company untold man hours.

Andrew E. Davault, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer