On Site Health Care Clinics | Employee Health Clinics

Marie Sousa

As a commitment to out Team Members’ health and wellness, in March 2014 Leslie’s Poolmart, Inc. partnered with Healthcare Solutions Center LLC to open our first on-site Health and Wellness clinic at our corporate office. Over a very short period of time, our team has taken full advantage of...

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Joe Mardeusz

As an employer, I have had the pleasure of working with Healthcare Solutions (HCS) for the past 11 years. We opened up our onsite wellness center with HCS in January 2010 and it has been a very successful endeavor. We have extremely high employee participation which resulted in CopperPoint...

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Andrew E. Davault, Jr.

Chapman Automotive Group has been contracted with HCS… and the relationship has exceeded all expectations. The relationship has exceeded all expectations. The results are as follows: WIN – a healthier and happier work force. HCS provides a service and benefit to our members that is not only appreciated but...

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