Kara Peterson is a Registered Nurse from Tucson, Arizona.  She attended the University of Arizona and completed  her Associates Degree in Nursing at Pima Community College in 2009. Kara started out her nursing career helping patients that required rehabilitation after orthopedic surgeries or prolonged illness.  She then pursued an opportunity to work with cardiac patients on the telemetry floor at Oro Valley Hospital.  She spent nine and a half years working in the fast paced world of cardiac floor nursing, caring for and educating primarily geriatric patients with a range of illnesses and comorbidities, as well as training new nurses and mentoring them while learning a lot in the process.
Kara always new she wanted to work in healthcare.  Kara started out pre-med at the University of Arizona but quickly realized that she desired to have more of a personal connection with patients. She decided to change paths and pursue a career in nursing.  It is through Kara’s work in the hospital  that she grew passionate about the importance of preventative medicine and health maintenance. Kara has a lot of experience in dealing with patients with a range of chronic illnesses such as, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.
Kara has worked with many wonderful nurses and doctors over the years and they provided her with a lot of valuable tools needed to assess and care for patients.  She is passionate about taking great care of her patients and strives to be able to provide patients with the tools they need to maintain their health and prevent illness.  Kara’s ultimate goal is to help patients to stay healthy and hopefully prevent patients from ever having to stay in the hospital.
Kara is a busy mom.  She loves spending time with her family, taking walks, playing games, traveling and enjoying new experiences together.