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Molly Kaiser

BSPH, Phlebotomist

Molly graduated from the University of Arizona with her Bachelor of Science, Public Health, in May of 2020.  She began working in medical offices in 2019 when she was an administrative assistant at a private practice and a surgery center in Mesa. She also worked at the University of Arizona’s Health Sciences Office of Diversity and Inclusion as an administrative assistant and data analyzer. Throughout her work in public health she has grown passionate about public health and is determined to continue her to fight for health equity and dissolving health disparities.

Molly is deepening her knowledge of public health by working on her Master’s Degree in Public Health, Health Sciences Administration, at the University of Arizona, Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. This degree will equip Molly with more tools that she will put towards making a more equitable future.

After graduating with her degree in Public Health amid a global health crisis, Molly knew she was extremely qualified to help! Healthcare Solutions Centers appealed to Molly, not only because of its involvement with testing, treating, and tracking of COVID-19, but also because of the ubiquitous public health programs HCS has to offer.

Molly spends her spare time with her family and close friends. She enjoys watch football, baseball, and a lot of movies.