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Kaylee Simunek


Kaylee is a junior at Arizona State University majoring in Health Sciences. She plans to graduate in the spring of 2022 and hopes to continue her passion for healthcare by becoming a physician assistant. The summer of 2020 she earned her phlebotomy license and is working with our phlebotomist, Hannah, to gain more knowledge. Kaylee has also been helping conduct COVID-19 PCR testing as well as COVID-19 rapid antibody testing on patients.

Kaylee decided to go into the medical field because of the friends and family members she has lost due to cancer. She saw the compassion and love the doctors, nurses, Pas and all other medical staff had towards their patients and she wants to be able to brighten a patient’s day just like they did in her experiences.

Kaylee learned about HCS through Shaye when they met in phlebotomy class. She enjoys working with patients and learning something new every time she comes to work.

Kaylee’s spare time is usually spent in Southern California with her dad and dog named Oliver or in Gilbert, AZ with her mom and new puppy named Louie. She loves to go to Disneyland, the beach, Yankees baseball games and travels whenever she can.