Patient Testimonials

Since SCF added the on-site healthcare clinic to our office, it has been a great success. Both from the convenience stand point of our employees and the cost savings for SCF in reduced lost time from work, this program and service is wonderful.

I believe a large part of this success is due to the significant impact that one of your employees, Ms. Stephanie Young, adds to your program. I have sent many of my staff to the clinic and have personally utilized these services myself. I must say, at first I was hesitant and I did not think this service would be any benefit for me since I have a personal physician of many years. I was wrong.

Ms. Young is very professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly, personally involved and caring in regards to her patients. I was floored when she called me to check on the medication she had prescribed and just to see if I was well. The call was not necessary, but left me with the realization that this truly is a value added service.

It is important that we recognize both the times when we all fall short of our customers expectations and also take the time to advise when things work. This service works and I wanted you to know that Ms. Young is a huge part of that success.

Kathleen Daly, Clinic Patient, SCF Arizona
Recently, I became very ill from the hot summer heat. I went into the Healthcare Solutions Center on the first floor. I was very ill with dehydration, severe baldder infection and high sugars. All these issues made the others worse or triggered additional symptoms. I had no idea I was that sick.

Without the Healthcare Center available to care for me, I am sure I would have ended up in the hospital with time lost from work. As it was, I never missed an hour. They diagnosed me and treated me which included drawing blood, lab tests, and writing prescriptions that they got me back on track. I was able to go to my appointments on my lunch hour or before work. This saved me TOPS time, gas, money and frustration. The Healthcare Solutions Centers group is a tremendous asset for SCF employees and I greatly appreciate the service and convenience of having the center here in the building. Everyone working for the center has been polite, efficient, and tremendously willing to be of service. I hear my peers expressing the same compliments that I do. Thank you again for this wonderful service.
Patricia Pate' Estrada, Clinic Patient, SCF Arizona

I wanted to take the time to thank you for having such a wonderful staff. Jane was able to get me in 2 hours after I called, and that was great. I wanted you to know that I met with Stephanie Young and she wasy absolutely marvelous and very helpful. I just wanted to take this time to tell you how wonderful it is to have your facility in our SCF building. Thank you so much for having employees such as Stephanie- she was a great help.
Kellie Sumner, Clinic Patient, SCF Arizona

Three weeks after having an IV at the emergency room for a kidney stone, I had a reddish rash on my right arm. Nothing major, I thought, but weird enough that I went to the SCF Wellness Center. The nurse practitioner, Stephanie, diagnosed it as phlebitis, an inflammation of a vein, most likely from the IV needle. She prescribed warm compresses for several days and asked to come back in a week. My return visit was with the Nurse Practitioner, Linda, who noticed it was still there and asked if I had been checked for a blood clot. When I said no, she gave me a prescription and called me in for an ultrasound that day. There were no other symptoms than the rash- no pain in my arm, which can be associated with a deep vein clot, but she wanted to be sure we ruled it out if nothing else. I had the ultrasound that afternoon, and the technician told me that my test 'showed something' and she was not sure if my provider would want me to go to the ER or not. I went home while Linda consulted with the radiologist, and that evening, Linda called me at home to tell me to go to the ER, as I had a Deep Vein Thrombosis in my right arm. A DVT can be dangerous as it involves a deeper vein, and if the clot breaks loose, it can go to the lungs or heart. I went to the ER and after another ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis, was admitted to the hospital, given injections of a blood thinner and kept overnight. On discharge, I was put on a blood thinner to help dissolve the blood clot. About 4 months later, a follow up ultrasound indicated no clot, and I am thankfully no longer on that medication. Thanks to the staff a the wellness clinic for finding this, as it is not something I may have gone to my outside physician for, as the symptom presented in such a minor way!
Jill Maruca, Clinic Patient, SCF Arizona

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Having an on-site clinic for our employees just made sense. We save money and our employees really love it!
- John M.
When I first heard about this concept, I was skeptical. However, Frances and her team have shown me the money-saving benefits of having medical care on-site.
- Tracy S.
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